Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Advent Wreath

 So, are you feeling it yet?

That Christmas-y feeling? 

It helps if you have some snow on the ground where you are. 

Still not feeling it? Try listening to this:

You're welcome.

As I write this, I have the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on the TV in the background. We actually had the good luck to attend that exact parade last year, and it will forever kick off the festive season for me!

But the official start of the Christmas for many is the beginning of Advent, which falls on December 1st this year (that's this coming Sunday). In many cultures, an Advent Wreath is the way that this special time is marked. Each Sunday, a candle is lit while the family has time together. On the first Sunday, light one purple candle. On the second Sunday, light a second purple candle. On the third week, light both purples and the pink candle. Then, on the final Sunday, light all four candles. 

I find that my biggest challenge throughout Christmas is stopping long enough to actually enjoy it - the plight of mothers across the land!

I simply glue the purple and pink candles to a wreath that suits our living room. It's a lovely Christmas tradition that we all look forward to each Sunday after dinner. It's inexpensive and forces you to slow down a bit during this crazy-making time of year! At least four times, anyhow ...

What are your family's Christmas traditions? Do they help bring some peace to your holiday season?

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  1. Your colour collection is just impeccable. I love this wreath. Really, your idea of using candles is such a unique and creative idea. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.