Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remembrance Day and Advent Calendars

I have a bone to pick with some of my neighbours. And I'm pretty sure it's not in any official etiquette guide. But, please don't light your outdoor Christmas lights BEFORE Remembrance Day! There ... I've said it.

On another note completely, I am acutely aware that my youngest is 8 years old, and rapidly leaving her "little-girlness" behind. It's killing me. In fact, I strongly suspect this is our last Christmas where she'll completely buy into the magic. And one of my most pleasant motherhood memories has been reading to my children. In fact, there are Franklin storybooks that I pretty much know word-for-word! I found this wonderful idea for an advent activity at Babyccino Kids.

You can read all about how she did it HERE! I dread the day that bedtime stories are no more, so this December, we will definitely be doing this activity!

If you like to do an advent calendar with your children, there are tons of options other than the ones you buy in the stores. But, you'll want to get started soon, so that it will be ready for the 1st of December! To make a lovely advent calendar that will make your entire Christmas season, click HERE!

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